Meet The Team

It’s Plumbing Team

rory chance

Rory Chance

Master Plumber

Born and raised in Louisiana, you can tell Rory is the kind of guy who wants to slow down, make sure everything is done properly, and take the best care possible of our clients. Rory worked to become a certified master plumber in 2021, though he’s been in the industry since 2004. When not dealing with broken pipes, backed up drains, and water tank installations, he loves spending time with his family of 4 children (3 boys and a girl). Rory loves all the outdoor activities you can imagine, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, but he’s also been drag racing since he was 14 years old. Life is better when you can do everything together as a family unit, and that is what brings him the most joy. Rory is a master at what he does, and we are so excited he has joined our team!

bobby shockley

Bobby Shockley

Bobby Shockley brings extensive experience to our company with 15 years in construction and 4 years as a project manager in telecommunications. A proud, loving father of 3 girls, he spends his weekends outdoors fishing, hunting, camping, and kayaking, while also teaching youth archery and promoting a love for nature.

braedon wynn plumber

Braedon Wynn

Braedon Wynn has joined our team after years of working as an apprentice plumber and remediation specialist.  Born in Fayetteville, Braedon’s family then moved to South Carolina, but finally came back to the area to be closer to family and work.  Finishing high school online, Braedon got to work early as an apprentice for a couple different plumbing companies in town.  Eventually, he broadened his experience by working as a remediation specialist, which gave him a greater skillset that we are excited to include within our service companies.  While Braedon feels this trade comes naturally to him, he appreciates the technical side as well as the stability offered through a career in plumbing.  If he’s not working on the job, you’ll find him working on cars for different tracks, races, or uses.  Modifying vehicles has been one of his favorite hobbies since he was an early teen.  Marrying his bride in August of ’21, they love spending time with their young daughter and adopted family.  When he does have a moment of free time, you may catch him hunting or fishing in the area.  He’s super stoked about his personal best catch: a 31” walleye out of Beaver lake.  Additionally, Braedon did earn a black belt in jiu jitsu, but because he hasn’t competed in a few years, he would be considered a blue belt today.  Regardless of belt status, we are very excited to have Braedon’s set of skills included on the It’s Plumbing and It’s Services team. 

alex poulett

Alex Poulnott

Born in North Little Rock, moved to NWA with family after the Covid-19 pandemic. Although Alex is our youngest plumber, he garnered a large amount of experience watching and working with Rory. Alex enjoys working with his hands and developing a skill by studying as an apprentice both on the job and through the NWACC online program. With his young energy and smaller frame, Alex is able to tackle projects quickly and get in and out of tight spaces for our team. In his free time, he enjoys working on cars and riding mountain bikes over NWA. To date, the hardest job Alex has encountered alongside Rory was back in Little Rock. This was a 30 day hotel project, working 14 hour days with very few breaks installing 100 sinks and 100 drains. Shortly thereafter, they moved up here, and we are honored to have Alex working alongside his Dad, Rory. In his free time, Alex enjoys working on cars and riding mountain bikes over the amazing NWA trail systems.

It’s HVAC Team

justin hulsey

Justin Hulsey

At the head of the It’s HVAC team stands a one-eyed man, Justin Hulsey. To address the elephant in the room immediately, he was shot in the eye by a friend’s BB gun at just seven years old, and became the reason Daisy BB guns puts warnings on their boxes now. He jokes, “If someone with two eyes shows up to work on your unit, you’ve got the wrong guy.” Moving on to what makes him an amazing asset to our team. Justin loves helping others and seeing them happy. This joy of serving others has served him well in his 20+ years of working in the heating and air industry. He came by it honestly, as everyone in his family works in the HVAC service arena. Originally born in California and raised in Oregon, Justin moved to NWA for a fresh start with family in the region. While not on the job, he enjoys time with family and magnet fishing. His top “pulls” have been a couple of fishing rods and a stop sign, which now decorate his living room. The It’s HVAC team is honored to have Justin lead and grow the brand as he is such a knowledgeable expert in the industry.

isabella hulsey

Isabella Hulsey

Our apprentice on the It’s HVAC team is Isabella Hulsey. Coming from a family full of HVAC technicians presents a serious challenge on walking away from what’s in your blood. A 2021 graduate of Crossroads High School, Isabella looks to continue learning the trade while saving money to attend college for forensic science. She is a great help to her father Justin, and we are excited to have her assistance as we grow the brand.

jesse hulsey

Jesse Hulsey

We are so blessed to have snagged another Hulsey to further our heating and air services. Jesse joins us after spending a couple years at an area HVAC supply company and service company. Born and raised in Oregon, Jesse transplanted to Arkansas with his father, Justin, and sister, Isabelle. Inclined to be the quiet observer in the room, Jesse learned the trade after spending his childhood watching/helping his dad work in the industry. In his free time, you may see him riding his Kawasaki z400 6-speed around Northwest Arkansas. You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that Jesse completed the Paqui One Chip Challenge, but now you know he will always bring the humor to any get-together.

jack leach

Jack Leach

You’ll find the entire HVAC team feels like family, and Jack Leach is no exception.  A family man at his core, he’s been married to his lovely bride, Benita, for 42 years now, and he is exceptionally proud of his two children and 6 grandchildren.  With the typical Ohio-turned-Californian attitude, Jack had a rocky tenure in his high school days once he moved to Arkansas.  Pursuing his GED, Jack then decided to straighten his ways and become a mechanic serving at Tyson.  For years Jack worked the night shift, but he realized he wanted to get onto day shift to spend more time with family.  Justin trained Jack at their previous employer, and they soon became like family themselves.  They both have mad respect for each other’s skill set and expertise, and they absolutely love being back on the same team with It’s HVAC.  When not installing for our team, 4-wheeling and hunting are some favorite activities following family time.  In fact, Jack met Benita in their teenage years on a 4-wheeling trip in Bella Vista.  He holds the memory of having 4-wheeled Loch Lomond, Bella Vista before it was turned into a lake.  We are thrilled to be able to call Jack a part of our family as well, and we hope you feel the same way. 

Office Staff

amy glazier

Amy Glazier

The woman behind the curtain making all things function smoothly would be our office manager and controller Amy Glazier. Her attention to detail and tenacious tendencies keep things running smoothly across the entire “It’s” brand. Born and raised in Blytheville, AR (it is an actual place), she met the love of her life, Erik, in high school, and they tied the knot back in ’94. Raising 3 children and now joyfully entering the next stage of her life with 5 precious grandbabies, you will find Amy most of the time surrounded by the family. Erik is a professionally trained chef, and that skillset did not pass Amy by, so mealtime at their house is the bee’s knees. Additionally, Amy enjoys professional photography, backpacking, and jiu jitsu! Having Amy spearhead our office staff is one of our greatest blessings, and we are so grateful she is such an integral part of our team.

carolina ramirez

Carolina Ramirez

Behind the scenes of it all stands Carolina in support of our office staff and field technicians.  Born and raised in Rio Grande Zacatecas, Mexico, Carolina emigrated to Arkansas at a young 5 years old.  After marrying the love of her life in 2016, Carolina moved to Texas for a few years before returning to Arkansas to be closer to family and seek greater job opportunities.  Their family has now grown to include their son and daughter, and of course their lives rightfully revolve around time spent with their kids.  Evenings at the park, walking around lakes and rivers, or simply playing outside are what the Ramirez family most cherishes.  We are so blessed to have Carolina’s 7 plus years customer service experience to best serve our customers and team members.   

Kisha Gilchrist

Born in Fort Smith, Kisha moved across the country due to her family’s military service after turning sixteen. She has been in administration since 2014, enjoying the opportunity to assist people and collaborate with diverse personalities in the plumbing industry. Prior to joining us, Kisha served as a team lead for Walmart, selling Sam’s Club memberships to businesses of all sizes in NWA. She also owned and operated her own Vape shop, competing in the vaping community and meeting her husband there. Kisha is passionate about family time, travel, and supporting the community through volunteering. As a valuable liaison between customers and our plumbing crew, we are thrilled to have her on our team.