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In 2017, Matt and Rachel Gifford were led to start switching things up in a lot of different ways. Moving from private school to homeschooling their children was just one of those ways. While seeking a co-op to partner with in educating their kids, they met a master electrician, who was looking to start up his own company, and happened to be married to a homeschool director. The Giffords, who had been running a remodel company for several years, knew they could help. Thus began It’s Electric, the first of the service companies you see in the It’s Services brand today. A couple years later, Matt was approached by a plumber wanting to work as a general laborer for the remodel company. Intuitively, Matt offered to do another start-up service company, and It’s Plumbing was created. Seeing a greater demand in the market for service companies, the third company, It’s HVAC was born in 2021, which inspired the It’s Services brand to house them all. Each company still works independently, but they all share a roof, phone number, and common vision: to provide the highest quality service, and take care of our customers through clear communication, excellent service, and competitive pricing.

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